Greetings to our existing customers!

Greetings to our existing customers! Sunday, December 20, 2020

Firstly thanks for being a member! It's been a while since we've been open to new members! But I'm happy to say we now are! 

We simplified pricing, removed lower limit packages and just offer good value for money web hosting @ £10 a year! If you're on an old package - raise a ticket and we'll migrate you! (Takes about 30 sec's with zero downtime) 

VPS - Made the packages clearer

Added dedicated servers - Whilst we've only added one so far..... We're pretty adept at finding servers around the world - If you need a server let us know spec and location and we'll get you a price! - we've got a hook in place to add the packages from there so expect to see that for sale here over the next week or so! :) 

We hope to do the same for soon once the new system is built!

Apart from that, hope you all have a great Xmas/New Year! 

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