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Charities get free hosting! 19th Jan 2021

Did you know, as well as offering free terrible jokes we also waive the shared hosting costs for charities! This is done purely for our love of helping others, we ask for no link backs, recognition etc.... We don't refuse it though! The only "rules" are detailed in the link below, we accept charity or community group applications - essentially if ... Read More »

Greetings to our existing customers! 20th Dec 2020

Firstly thanks for being a member! It's been a while since we've been open to new members! But I'm happy to say we now are!  We simplified pricing, removed lower limit packages and just offer good value for money web hosting @ £10 a year! If you're on an old package - raise a ticket and we'll migrate you! (Takes about 30 sec's with zero ... Read More »

Lower, simplified pricing - Less addons, more inclusive content! 30th Oct 2020

We recently decided to revamp our page! This was taking a while due to other services needing a lot of attention! So for now, I've cleared any products we don't need, dropped prices, and will add new products over time! I have also setup a development area for the new site so we can work on it in our spare time!    I've gone back to the 'old' ... Read More »